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Hi, I’m Nat Mundel,

If you’ve got a story to tell and you’ve ever thought about creating your own film, TV show, or web series – even if it is just a passion project you do on the side…

Or if you already have a project in progress and would like to get it across the finish line, produced and seen by others…

...And you’re the kind of person who likes shortcuts so you don’t waste years of your life and tons of money making mistakes or trying to “reinvent the wheel”.

Keep reading because I’m going to show you…

How My Team And I Have Methodically
Helped Create, Sell, Produce and Distribute
Over 2000 Entertainment Projects Seen By
Millions Worldwide

Including the very methods, strategies and tools we’ve developed over the years.

...And that my team and I continue to use every single day to create and develop new projects.

I’m giving you access to all of it…

To use for yourself…

...for just $1.

I’ll explain why in just a minute, but first, I’d like to let you in on…

The Unfair Upper Hand Successful
Screenwriters, Authors, And Content
Creators Have…

After training thousands of creators around the world how to develop and sell their own projects...

I’ve noticed that those who find the most success with their projects all have something in common.

They had the right support system in place and an effective team behind them.

By that I mean, things like:

But if you’re new to the content game…

How Do You Get A Project Going
On A Limited Budget?

It’s no secret that most creative people don’t have a ton of extra money laying around.

I sure didn't…

Which makes it almost impossible to be able to afford hiring mentors, consultants, and experts who can speed things up and make creating a marketable project quicker and easier.

The harsh reality most emerging creators experience is they have to figure everything out on their own.

It can be very difficult (and really lonely) when...

There’s no team in your corner helping you get back up when you’ve been knocked down… You don’t have a mentor guiding you… Or you have nobody to call when you hit a rough patch and have some questions.

…. And that’s why most emerging creators end up getting stuck, annoyed, and call it quits before their project ever sees the light of day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

“Introducing LAUNCHpad

That’s why I’ve created a community and a comprehensive library of training resources for emerging creators like you .

A place where someone just beginning a project can get access to the support they need to be successful.

...all for a small fraction (less than the price of an internet connection) of what you’d normally have to invest to work with me in one of my other programs.

It’s called, “LAUNCHpad” - A club where people who are creating entertainment projects can learn, hang out, network, and get educated about what they need to know to develop and make their films, TV shows, and web series.

And I consider it…

The Definitive Shortcut To
Jump Start Your Projects & Career…

Imagine being able to “pull back the curtain” to get an insider view of how a film or series comes to fruition – and see the strategies and methods my team and I use everyday to get projects made…

Things like:

Not only do I want you to see and learn exactly how we do things, but I also want to give you…

Full Permission To Use These Same
Strategies For Your Own Project

Can you imagine how much more likely you are to successfully get your project off the ground by being able to access the most effective strategies and tools used by Hollywood pros day in and day out… instead of having to figure it all out yourself through years of trial and error?

How much time you would save?

How much pain & suffering you would avoid?

Well...this is just one of the several benefits you get as part of LAUNCHpad.

All for just $1 right now.

Here are all the details and breakdown of…

The Benefits Of Being A LAUNCHpad

Member Benefit #1
400+ Lessons Taught By World Class
Entertainment Pros

Take your creative projects from concept to completion with on demand access to the full course library… anywhere, anytime.

Gain full access to cutting edge courses on story, production, and marketing, and more…

Here are a few examples:

How-To-Make-A-Good-Script-Great “Making A Good Script Great” — In this five-part program, veteran screenwriter and WGAW Board member Aaron Mendelsohn teaches the tried-and-true rewriting methods utilized by successful screenwriters working in film and TV today.  From fixing that meandering second act to writing dialogue that sizzles to honing your characters until they pop from the page, Aaron’s system will help you make your good scripts great while giving you the tools to write better first drafts.

Sell-Your-Book-to-Hollywood_@2x-510x510• “Sell Your Book To Hollywood” — Have you ever dreamed of having your book turned into a movie or TV show? If the answer is yes, then the Hollywood veterans who instruct this course will show you what it takes for an author to get the attention of a producer who can get your story seen on the big screen (because they are those producers)!

kickstarter code “How To Crack The Kickstarter Code” — Learn how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign – Establish credibility, create a powerful design, and discover the best way to reach your audience effectively. Identify and engage your project’s target audience, inviting them to invest in a project they can take ownership in!

How-to-Design-a-Brand• “How To Design Your Own Brand” — Learn how to conceptualize and design your brand by setting yourself apart from others in your industry, build your own unique brand identity, strategize your creative direction, and apply your branding to establish credibility and increase exposure!

short film “How To Make A Short Film Start To Finish" — Do you have an idea you want to tell the world? Learn how to write, produce, and direct a great short film, video, or web series... from start to finish!

How-to-Distribute-and-Cash-In-on-Your-Web-Series1“Web Series: How To Distribute & Cash In” — Got a web series (or idea for one)? Learn to make a distribution plan so you can get seen, grow your audience, and maximize your revenue from Mike Tringe, previously of Creative Artists Agency, Blip Networks, and Vuguru, Michael Eisner’s multi-platform studio.

The-Business-of-Writing “The Business Of Writing” — Learn how to develop the professional skill of marrying your voice and passions with real market demand to build a lasting career as a writer in Hollywood.  Learn to create projects you care about and that people will watch, all while earning the real income you deserve!

• And Many More (Over 400+ lessons and action steps we use on our projects for development, financing, production, distribution and marketing.

Member Benefit #2
LIVE “Office Hours” 3x Per Month

When you’re starting a new project or getting serious about your career is when you’re going to have the most questions and need the most support. You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re experiencing to hold you and your project back for weeks or even months.

3x per month you’ll have the opportunity to ask me or one of my esteemed producers (each of whom has developed, produced and distributed major films and TV shows) ANY question you have about starting or producing your project.

Ask us anything!

  • Get direct guidance on tips, tools and strategies you learn inside LAUNCHpad training courses
  • Get detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter in your project or career (because we’ve been where you are)
  • Get real-time feedback and opinions on new ideas or projects you’re thinking about or working on
  • These sessions are about YOU and answering your specific questions as soon as possible. A variety of producers from a variety of markets and genres will answer each and every last question 3x per month so you’re always moving your project and career forward!

Member Benefit #3
Voyage GreenRoom Virtual Community

The Voyage GreenRoom Virtual Community is our exclusive Facebook community – a private group of like-minded creators where you will make friends, connections, creative partners and accountability partners to keep you focused on moving your projects forward and achieving your goals.

  • Connect with other like-minded emerging creators - authors, screenwriters, producers, filmmakers, and talent, all of whom are also working on their projects and career
  • Get quick and direct feedback, critiques, and perspectives on your concepts, course exercises, marketing, and your pitch/financing materials from the virtual community
  • Tap into the vast pool of combined resources that is only available when a group of creators come together like this

Member Benefit #4
Project Jumpstart & Implementation Guides

Get dozens of step-by-step “Action Oriented” project implementation guides chock-full of strategies and tools that I use to get new projects off the ground and bring them to market.

We are constantly creating new guides as we solidify new processes and strategies, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge and up to date on the inner workings of the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Here are a few examples:

  • Igniting Your Passion: Home-Study Exercise – Whether you’ve been working on your project for 10 days or 10 years, your passion is what drives you to want to create and keep going, and this worksheet is designed to remind you why you love what you do!
  • Creating Your Audience Avatars – This worksheet will help you to zero in on your audience profile, which will ultimately guide you in determining what your target market is and give you more leverage when pitching your project to producers.
  • Project Roadmap: Your Financing & Distribution Strategy – This two-part worksheet is designed to guide you through mapping out your market, and coming up with actionable steps for yourself to get your project financed.
  • 10 Steps to Kickstart Success – This worksheet was developed to account for new and changing trends with Kickstarter. It outlines the current and proven strategies for success with crowdfunding!
  • Strategic Marketing: Building Brand Value – This checklist will guide you through the process of developing your personal brand. Upon completion, you will have identified/developed your own “Identity Project” which will act as the cornerstone for your brand and will be useable on all social mediums.
  • Crafting the Perfect Pitch: How To Translate Your Vision Into A Common Language That Producers, Directors, And Buyers Can Understand – This report spells out the best strategies for pitching your project on the fly, which is a highly important skill to have when it comes to convincing producers to back your project.
  • Financing and Distribution Strategies: How Understanding Financing Models Will Make (Or Break) Your Project – The financing/distribution of your project may not even be on your radar at this point…but it should be. This report will give you an understanding of why that is, as well as give you insight into the most important thing that new filmmakers always forget
  • Project Selection Strategy: How To Select Projects That Are Worthy Of Your Time, Maximize Your Abilities, And That Sell – The report will take you step-by-step through the strategies needed to determine which projects you should be focusing your time and attention on and which projects to leave on the shelf.
  • And dozens more! 

Grand Opening Special...


Yes, this week only…

Your investment is only $1.

...And I’m sure it goes without saying, but it isn’t profitable for me to give away

this entire training resource for $1.

So... In case you’re wondering if there’s any sort of “catch”...

There isn’t. And…

Here’s Why I’m Making This
Very Generous Offer

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.13.34 PMOur normal advanced training/service programs are $3,000-$15,000 and that isn’t always realistic to somebody just getting started with their project and career. I designed LAUNCHpad to be accessible to somebody in the early stages, who still wants the best training, access, and advice.

PROOF: If you can see how successful creators develop and launch their own projects, I know this will give you the advantage and jump-start you need to launch your own successfully. And that makes it even more likely you might create something that we take a producing interest in!

Where do my best customers and clients come from? Almost everyone who invests in my advanced trainings and services started out by watching one of my free videos or subscribing to my newsletter … and I want you to be one of those people, too… and I know once you experience the value inside LAUNCHpad each month, you’ll be excited to go on to the next level as well.

What Happens After 30 Days?

I sincerely hope after you experience the incredible value of LAUNCHpad...

You’ll consider choosing my team to be your partners and mentors for the long term and stay involved in LAUNCHpad.

If you do, I would love to help you create viable films, TV shows and branded entertainment…

And if not, I understand – just cancel before 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

But If you do love LAUNCHpad (which I think you will)...

You’ll automatically be renewed at the very special grand opening rate of only $37/month.

Which is 70% off the $147 you would normally pay for the Club and the bonus gift I’m including (see below).

That’s it.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Click the button below and let’s get started!

Join Now And You Also Get A Grand
Bonus Free ($1200 Value)

To celebrate the launch of LAUNCHpad and because I really want to make this a complete ‘no brainer’ for you...

I’d like to offer you priority and discounted ONE-ON-ONE access to our incredible team of Producers, as a special bonus when you take action and join LAUNCHpad this week…

Every month you’ll be granted $100 off a one on one strategic planning session with a producer in your market…

There’s nothing more valuable than getting direct, in depth attention from a mentor who’s already successfully accomplished what you’re trying to accomplish…

They’ll read your scripts, treatments, books, investor plans, etc, research the market for you, and spend an hour of real one-on-one quality time with you over the phone or skype.

Each producer comes with his or her own unique track record and marketplace expertise. So there’s someone for everyone…

Try LAUNCHpad Today And You


100% 30 Day No Risk, Money Back

LAUNCHpad is the absolute best value I have for an emerging creator, author or filmmaker and I think you’ll agree once you see inside.

Like all my training, LAUNCHpad comes with a 100% 30-Day no-risk, money-back guarantee. You can try the program for a full month for just $1, and if you decide for any reason that it’s not right for you, I’ll happily cancel and refund your order…

Even if you’ve already benefited from a ton of the trainings in those first 30 days…

That’s the best I can do to help you jump in, and take action to create your project using the same tools and strategies we’ve been using for years.

Hurry… $1 Grand Opening Special Ends

LAUNCHpad is going to give you all the support and tools you need to develop, finance and produce your entertainment project this year, and it’s 100% guaranteed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to claim this bonus and try LAUNCHpad.

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You’ll get immediate, instant access to all of LAUNCHpad resources & the bonus.

Click the button below now, and let’s get started!

I’m really looking forward to helping you launch your project(s) and career!

See you inside!


Here’s What Others Are Saying

One year working closely with Voyage Media has given my collaborator Kass Fleisher and me more insight into the screen trade than the past decade of reading books and watching videos. They know the art and the business of screenwriting and our work with them has been vitally instructive in revealing how industry strategy and storytelling decisions are inextricably linked, from concept through to execution, in composing a commercially viable script.”
- Joe Amato, Writer

"Voyage’s services are valuable, especially for people who are working outside of the Hollywood system who have something that has the potential to go big but can’t quite break in."
- Nick Rosen, Producer & Director, VALLEY UPRISING

"Voyage has been around the pond, they know people, and they have networks and connections. If you want to make it as a professional in this business, then these are the guys who can help you get there."
- Susannah Farrow, Writer & Producer

Voyage gets projects DONE. Their actions speak much louder than the words of other, so-called industry insiders. I trust them to efficiently and effectively guide me on my journey toward becoming a professional."
- Ken White, Writer & Producer

“I’ve produced a television show for 25 years, so I know how to produce television, but I had no idea how to transform a book into a movie. If you’re looking to have your book adapted by a producer, you have to present your project in a way that works for producers.  I’m blown away at the work Voyage has done that.  Producers and the people that pull the trigger are busy and have very little time for details. Voyage has put my book into a format that I can present to anyone at anytime, and they’ll know in a couple of minutes if this is a project they want. And that’s the key to selling it.”
- Michael Fowlkes, Producer & Author, PERFECT BAIT

“Before I started working with Voyage, I thought they were going to tell me things I already knew. But after the first call, I realized they were on to something new and different. Voyage Media is in a league of their own.”
- Robert Hammond, Writer

Don’t Miss out…
Grand Opening Ends Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, what is LAUNCHpad and what do I get?

LAUNCHpad is a resource and community that consists of step-by-step training, jumpstart guides, a networking and accountability group, and personal mentoring. I created it to offer the ongoing support and training you need to successfully launch your entertainment projects and career.

As a charter member you’ll get:
• On demand access to over 400+ lessons taught by highly regarded entertainment professionals
• 3x per month LIVE Coaching and Q&A from me and my producers
• Jumpstart guides, checklists and home study worksheets and exercises
• Access to our Private Virtual Community
• Priority access to one-on-one Strategy Sessions with my producers (worth $1200)
• Grandfathered into the steeply discounted charter membership for life
• 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (yes, I'll even refund you your $1, if you decide you don't absolutely love everything about LAUNCHpad)

That answers my question, sign me up.

Who is LAUNCHpad For/Who is it NOT for?

If you are an emerging creator, author or filmmaker, getting started with a new project or you have existing projects but haven’t had your big break yet, then LAUNCHpad is perfect for you. Inside you'll be get the foundational trainings you need to kickstart or take your projects and career to the next level. You'll get to connect network with like-minded creators around who operate at or above your experience level, as well as get your questions answered by my expert producing team. And more…

If you already have projects that have been successfully produced and distributed by well-known TV networks or studios, then LAUNCHpad might not be the best fit for you and you might want to consider some of my more advanced programs.

That answers my question, sign me up.

Is it really just $1?

Yes, during the grand opening, you can try out LAUNCHpad for just $1, for a full 30 days. If you decide to stay on as a member, you'll lock in a steeply discounted, lifetime charter membership for just $37/month instead of the regular price of $147/month. You can cancel anytime.

That answers my question, sign me up.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch!

It’s no secret that it isn’t very profitable for me to give away this entire training resource for only $1.

The reason I’m making you this very generous offer is because I want to help you get results, so you’ll consider choosing us to be your producing mentors for the long term.

It’s my hope that after you’ve had a chance to see the incredible value of LAUNCHpad… and you see the results in your own life and business, you’ll choose to stay involved.

That answers my question, sign me up.

How Does The Guarantee Work?

Try out LAUNCHpad For a Full 30 days for $1. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it, simply send me an email at, and I'll cancel your order and refund you your dollar. No questions asked. No fine print.

That answers my question, sign me up.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, there is no contract. You can cancel anytime.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be a member of LAUNCHpad, simply send us an email at, and we’ll promptly cancel your membership.

That answers my question, sign me up


What happens after I place an order?

After you successfully place your order, we’ll immediately send you an email with your order receipt and the instructions on how to access the private membership site and virtual community.

You’ll be able to login to the members site and start going through the trainings, networking with your peers, and connecting with Hollywood producers!

That answers my question, sign me up.